Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Cheng Industrial Equipment Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, the company is supporting the line of plant varieties, high quality industrial products, mainly engaged in work volume cutting, CNC numerical control tools, precision tools, machine tool accessories, import Wire tapping, CT U.S. brand of electronic tools, industrial automation components, bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic components and tools, computer peripheral equipment processing center gongs; linear slide, slide, linear guide series.
The timely production of the latest developments in technology, familiar with the brand at home and abroad equipment manufacturers to provide for the rationalization proposals, the use of foreign exchange products, configuration, economical and reliable quality of industrial products, to minimize the production costs and increase productivity.
First, slide, linear guides, ball screw series:
   Agency Switzerland Shiniboge slide, linear guide series; Germany INA slide, linear guide series; Japan Tsubaki TSUBAKI slide, linear rail; Japan TSUBAKI TSUBAKI Ball Screws; Japan's Kuroda Precision KURODA ball screws bars; Germany Rexroth Rexroth slide, linear guide series; Germany slider Star card STAR, STAR ball nut, STAR ball screw, STAR Bushing, STAR linear bearings, STAR linear guide, STAR axis Slide rail; Taiwan ABBA slide, linear guide series; Taiwan CPC micro-slider, CPC mini slide, CPC Miniature Linear Guides, CPC linear slider; on the silver HIWIN slide, linear guide series; Japan THK, NSK, IKO linear guide, slide, linear bearings, ball screw series; Sweden SKF Bearing, FAG high-speed spindle bearings, and other imported brand-name Japanese NSK bearings and bearing accessories, linear motion bearings.
Second, CNC CNC tool series:
   SU SUS bit, NACHI drill, Japan STK, SCS coated tungsten steel milling cutter, Taiwan GDK M500 ultra-fine tungsten steel (processing HRC66); domestic and imported cutter; give up style, the overall tungsten steel cutter series, drop-type chamfering tool, high cobalt drill bit; processing of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and other special materials, special cutters and drill bits; Japan, Taiwan, BT, NT knife, high speed machine heads and Collet, Shen Kong trimming device, scraper, AIA and hard milling, TICN cobalt steel cutter coated rough skin, TIALN tungsten steel cutter, cobalt steel circular saw blades.
Third, the wire tapping series:
   Switzerland STN wire tapping, Switzerland miniature steel front cone, watches and clocks miniature wire taps trail attack, attack Taiwan TOSG silk, silk OSG Japanese attack, YAMAWA extruded wire tapping, YAMAWA series stainless steel, aluminum, copper wire tapping private, NACHI squeeze pressure wire tapping.
Fourth, electronic tools:
   MERRY soon force the Japanese brand electric scissors, CT U.S. brands of electronic tools, digital screw supply device, the Japanese horse cards, pneumatic, electric screwdriver, wind approved Tsui, adjustable white plastic gun, picks.
V., pneumatic, industrial series:
   Sweden KALLER nitrogen spring, the Japanese SMC, OMRON; Mitsubishi, Panasonic, photoelectric proximity switches, PLC, touch screen, inverter, interface, Oriental, stepper, servo drive motor; valve, steam valve, foot valve, manual valves, throttle valves.
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